Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Grand Children's Park

Excluding our trip to America, we've been hibernating for the past few months here in Busan. Finally, the weather is changing from intolerable to barely tolerable. On the Monday of our 3-day Lunar New Year weekend, we decided to brave the cold and do something outdoors. We chose to go to the Grand Children's Park which is a short distance from our apartment and an even shorter distance from my school.

The Grand Children's Park is less like a park and more like a nature walk. Despite the fact that it's called the "children's" park, there were very few children around. Mostly, hikers (fully dressed in their swishy pants, visors, and equipped with trekking poles), groups of ajummas, and couples strolled the walkway. There were also groups of men off to the sides of the trail playing Baduk, the Korean version of Go.

Each time we go on an outdoor excursion, I'm always surprised at how quiet and tranquil it can get in the heart of a big city. As soon as we began walking on the trail, the sounds of buzzing cars and horns honking all but disappeared.

Soon, we came upon a giant lake surrounded by layers of rolling mountains. The path we walked on bordered the lake on one side and trees on the other. We heard many birds calling and saw ducks and geese in the lake.

It's a good thing to know that there's a "rescue tube box" next to the lake in case of emergencies. 

There were also several statues and memorials along the path at the Grand Children's Park. Luckily, there were signs written in Korean and in English for those who aren't cultured in South Korean history.

In addition to statues of great Korean men, there were also statues of animals. Below is a picture of Tyler valiantly riding a golden elephant. Below that is a picture of me sitting next to the Pillsbury Doughboy's girlfriend with a flower on her head. 

And finally, to end this post, we will feature some questionable artwork proudly displayed on the fence lining the lake. We have captioned the scenes below for your viewing pleasure and for your contemplation. 
"The Ugly Duckling" 

"Lost in Translation"

"Winners and Losers"

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